My First Time Hunting

The first time that I went hunting to actually get something was when I was about 13 and long story short we didn’t see any bucks that were mature enough so I shot a doe instead.


The 38-point buck was shot by 15 year old Tony Lovstuen and originally scored a B&C score of 322 4/8 but was later was scored a 307 5/8. For those that didn’t know, the B&C is scored by the measurements of the bucks antlers.


Hunting Tips

The best way to hunt deer is to know their behavior. Deers are creatures of habits and they stick to usually patterns on a daily basis. They usually travel the same route at around the same time every day. 

Types of Hunting

The two main types of hunting people usually do is either with a gun or a bow. When using a gun is easier than a bow because you can hit a deer father than a bow. When using a bow you have to wait for the deer to get really close and you must be very quite.